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Cantonese Vocabulary Database






You will get 4 sets of audio mp3:

1)Pronunciation with slow speed in order
2)Pronunciation with fast speed in order
3)Pronunciation with s
low speed in disorder
4)Pronunciation with fast speed in disorder

The recording is composed in the following format:
[Word audio] [1.5s interval] [Word audio] [1.5s interval] [English meaning] [2s interval] ~next word

Your pronunciation will be improved:

We will provide one pronunciation assessment for you. Just record your pronunciation to us, we will listen carefully and provide substantial improvement suggestions for any pronunciation flaws or deficiencies from the perspective of your native language.

《Foundation Collection》

《Life Collection》

Coming Soon

《Work Collection》

Coming Soon

《Travel Collection》

Coming Soon

Scheme Features​

Featured Words

Words are summarized and organized by multilingual people with the experience of rapid language learning as the core.

​Professional Pronunciation Analysis

Your pronunciation will be analyzed and discussed by native Cantonese speakers and experts proficient in your native language

​Multilingual Support

Our team comes from many countries and can explain pronunciation in Mandarin, English, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese Hokkien, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Hindi

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